CovAID Introduction

CovAID is intended to become an app that can assist in a personal lock down of COVID-19, or any other contagious disease for that matter.
Highlights of the app are:

  • Privacy: The app does not need any personal information in order for it to work
  • Simple: The app can work with a minimum of information, that is just stored locally on your mobile phone
  • Generic: In principle the approach can be applied to a wide variety of platforms

Obviously this also comes at a price. The best way of describing this, is to point out what CovAID is not:

  • CovAID is not A diagnostics tool. It cannot assess whether you have COVID-19 or not:
  • CovAID cannot prevent you from catching COVID-19. It merely makes a risk assessment of your chances of catching it
  • CovAID is not an alert for COVID-19 victims. We do not believe in witch hunts!

The app is based on the theory of Symbiotic Networks. According to this theory, agents (e.g. people) can fight a threat in collaboration if two conditions are met:

  • The threat allows itself to be quantified, and turned into a stress signal.
  • The agents change their behaviour owing to the stress signals, in such a way that the stress becomes less

It can be proven if these two conditions are met, that the entire network will try to converge to a situation where the stress signals are as low as possible.
If we translate this to COVID-19, this means that every person gets a personalised risk assessment about the chances of getting COVID-19, and a means to determine an appropriate action to prevent this, that all the people who join this effort will make it increasingly difficult for COVID-19 to spread.


A simulator for the symbiotic network can be found here.
Pressing the ‘start’ button will activate two screens, of which the middle one uses CovAID. On the left screen you
can see the spread of infections.

Mobile APP

The sketch for the mobile app can be found here.
The mobile phone stores most of the date locally, and calculates a ‘safety’ and ‘risk’ bubble, which it
communicates with others.

Work in Progress

Obviously this is work in progress. A lot of things need to be worked out. we only started on this journey halfway April 2020.


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